Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lunch time sex

We swapped a few texts yesterday. I had an errand to run for work so organised to have lunch at home with the wife while I was out and about. 

Ended up having sex.  Well mutual masturbation actually.  Started with lunch and I mused over whether to not mention it or ask for some physical interaction.  If the councillor is right and I am pushing her away then maybe I should just wank away.  However she was dressed in her gym gear including a very short and in my view sexy skirt.  So I figured I would suggest doing something. 

I suggested that we hop on the bed and I put on some plastic pants.  The idea in my mind was that if she did not want me inside her then that would give her that space.  A benefit for me was feeling her in her sexy tight gym clothes and of course the enjoyment of plastic.  The down side for her was that it is not straight sex and as far as I can see that it pretty much what she likes and anything else is seen as kinky.

We enjoyed each others company and I left her sleeping.  I hope she had a restful afternoon.

In other areas,
I went back to the gym the other night.  A new personal trainer.  He pushed me hard and I am now aching.  I read this article.  Gee I would absolutely love a young female trainer with a riding crop.  Personally the idea of a bare bottom spanking kind of does not fit but I could certainly imagine being in a public gym as the young female PT yells at me for motivation and so on. A bonus would be that we meet at home say and in front of my wife, she bends me over and lays into me with the riding crop for being lazy or weak with the diet.  It would of course be nice for her to strut around the gym with the riding crop but trying to imagine what could really happen here.

I know it is not morally correct but almost ran into the car in front as a girl from a private school walked along the foot path in a very short sports skirt.  Short black bike pants just visible under it.  When I went to school that was quite normal but these days they tend to either wear culottes or just plain bike pants.

At home last night, we are preparing to host a billet for school.  There was maintenance to do.  Cleaning too saw me on the vacuum cleaner.  There are light bulbs to change and some tap washers too.  I think she has tasked me to remove the grime from the bath room.  I think I will try the high pressure water cleaner.  Interesting to muse on the idea of a guy cleaning the bath room.  In a misogynistic way a historically female job yet can obviously be done by a guy and in a guy way.  High pressure water.  Mind you I may need to mop the rest of the house if it gets out of control.

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