Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mariage counselling

Well we are having some marriage counselling.  I asked my wife to find someone.  I figured if she found the person then she might not feel so much that I have corralled her into taking such advice.

In my opinion my wife is ridiculously over committed and that in turn takes her interest away from the marriage.

Yesterday I had a session on my own with the counsellor.  Female.  About my age maybe a couple of years older (50 to 55).

One topic discussed was sex.  The counsellor reckons that I am pushing my wife away and she seeks satisfaction in all these other activities she gets involved with.

I in turn think she gets involved with these and abandons me.

Either way a vicious circle.

The counsellor discussed masturbation and has said "My sexual pleasure is my responsibility".  ie if I want to wank away then that is great.  She was quite clear that when it comes to marriage there is no such thing as "duty".

I felt it was all a bit pointless. 

I said I thought masturbation is wrong because is selfish.  I said that yes it is hard not not orgasm and that I needed my wifes help to abstain and she said stop bothering her.  Basically have a wank and get on with your life. 

On the other hand, last night, no sex on my part.  Did not even bring up the topic.  But at one stage my wife was in tears because (in my opinion) she is involved in so many activities that she can not give any of them the attention they need so things are falling apart.

In one organisation, people have been resigning and now some of the remaining stalwarts have chosen a really bizarre path because they don't want to resign but nor do they want to organise the activity that the group was created to do.  In another there are some interpersonal issues and the list goes on.

Anyway that is probably not what you lot want to read about.


  1. Good luck with the counseling. We have had it at times and I see more benefit in it than my wife. I can relate, I generally come very low on her priority list, and she often stays up bizarre hours doing her work. Life's too short for that, and I no longer can keep college type of hours.

    Not sure about what direction the counselor is going with her pro-masturbation stance.

  2. Sending hugs and good vibes. Hoping it works out for you both. Xx

  3. Good luck with counseling, I hope all works out well for both of you

  4. When we got married I was number 1, then we had a child and became number 3. Then the child grew up and my wife took on scouting and I became number 21.
    Now she has a smart phone and I never get any attention.
    Well, not really as you can read in my blog. But more attention would always be nice.
    We haven't gone to any counseling, just a marriage encounter type of weekend and I determined that I needed to communicate more. Thus I broke the ice and told my wife that I wanted her to take charge and sexually dominate me. I told her this was who I am and it is really important to me. She has made a very substantial effort to give me what I crave.

  5. Thanks guys.
    Really appreciated.
    And surprised.