Sunday, August 17, 2014

Weekend tease and tension

Saturday morning and she asked me to come to the gym with her.  Who am I to refuse.  Wow by the end of that I was exhausted.

Saturday afternoon and it was raining.  Somehow we ended up with an hours rest in bed.  We were both fully dressed.  She had a nice but shortish skirt on and I was wearing jeans.  She fondled me through my jeans and I suggested that I take them off but she said to leave them on.  interesting.....

I stroked her gently and she rolled onto her tummy.  That was a good sign.  Slow and gentle I know with her not to "go the grope"  Stay away from her genitals.  Back of legs, top of shoulders, bottom.  Then she started to run her fingers along her panty line at the back of her legs.  This was good.  I allowed a finger to stray between her legs every now and then.

I asked what she was thinking.  Usually a frustrating question because the answer usually does not have anything to do with the bedroom activities but this time she said she was imagining my finger inside her.  I said that we could turn her thoughts into reality and I gently began to work my finger in the side of her undies and into her clit.  She began to get wet and moist.  This was good.  Very good.

She began to move more and more and at one stage pushed herself up on one arm and pulled her top up.  I took the hint and continued to touch between her legs with one hand while caressing her breast through her bra and then pushing my fingers into her bra and extracting a boob.  She was moving more and more and so I decided to risk a little mouth work on the breast.  I know from experience that she only responds positively to sucking on her breast if she is already turned on and this was no exception.  Soon after she came in a series of shudders.  Then giggled as she gets very ticklish.  We lay together arm in arm and drifted off to sleep.

Awoke and hugged and kissed and she said lets see how you go waiting until tomorrow.

Ah the tease and the tension.  So nice.

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