Wednesday, August 27, 2014

10days abstinant

10 days of sexual abstinence.
Of course all I can think about is sex.

Femdom101 has a bit of a discussion going on overt FLR.

Got me thinking.  (not on the sex thing per se)

Tell a man what to do and he will do it with focus and drive.  He will put effort into it.  She will be free to consider other things or simply relax.  He will feel good about a job well executed.  A good experience for both.

Tell a man what to do an how to do it and you will end up with frustration and a crap job.  The woman will be exhausted and the man will be annoyed.  The job will be poorly done.  A bad experience for both.

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  1. Not only should you be kept in abstinance but your wife should cane you 10 times for every day you dont post. Then again you are a pain slut so you may deliberately miss days.