Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First night back with wife

I cooked dinner,
washed up.

Later I got into bed and lay there. She had a shower and came into the bed room stark naked. I asked if she would like a back massage. She said no not a back massage but that I could give her a foot massage. She then lay on her back still naked and I massaged her feet. She fell asleep. I figured I would just keep massaging as she had not told me to stop. I was feeling very much submissive and turned on.

Eventually she woke up and said thank you. Then she said she was going to sleep and that I was not to disturb her. I asked about sex and she said maybe we will keep you till the end of the month. Aaaa. oooo. I am so turned on and at the same time sexually frustrated. I fun yet scary feeling.

So now I am awake and cant sleep so I figured I would write this entry.

I wonder what it would be like to say be limited to three or four orgasms per year.
I wonder which would be better- knowing the dates that it was to happen or for it to be a surprise?

Mr submissive husband has suggested doing something she would like every day. ideas?


  1. Our chastity play is not to the level of 3/4 orgasms per year but I can say that I like to know when it's going to happen. Not the exact date and time of course more like "somewhere in the next but note before ." That gives me time to enjoy the excitement of a pending orgasm.

  2. The physical pressure makes for motivation. My balls ache, emotionally I am desperate for sex but I want her to recognise that and tease me more than I want a quick wank in the shower or just release.