Sunday, January 2, 2011

New year

Well its 2-JAN-11 and I have not had sex since Christmas eve.

I wonder?

During the christmas - New year break I have been wondering what a female lead society would be like. Maybe I should try to write some fiction like Mr subservient-husband .

I guess we are part way there now such that if a woman says stop then the man must stop or it becomes rape. Even if she lead him on, asked him to penetrate her and came herself and then just as he is about to cum, she tells him no. Maybe I am not a lawyer.

Imagine every man wearing a GPS tracker. Perhaps his "wife" can check his location any time. Perhaps geofences limit where he can go without his wife being alerted. If a woman or child is abducted, the police would access tracking records to see who was nearby at the time.

I reckon with women in charge totally, that public transport would be made to work.

Men would stay fit. They would be motivated to stay fit because a un fit fat husband is likely to get no sex.

Fathers with school age kids would finish work at 2pm so that they could be home by the time kids get home from school.

Beer guts would be a thing of the past. For men interested in women anyway.

Perhaps a curfew at night so men can only travel in company of a female at night.

Now that men are controlled and supervised, abduction and rape would be a thing of the past and parents would let their kids walk to school.

I wonder if women would feel more confident and likely to wear skimpy clothes in public?



  1. professional sports as an entertainment venture would dry up, replaced by performance forms of entertainment or something else. If women have the money, they are not going to spend it on football tickets. The economic invisible hand will reorder other aspects of society accordingly as well.

  2. I think you've found a lot of benefits to a new life style :)