Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Getting back into the groove

I have felt a little up and down recently. Perhaps the hormones from having no sex since Christmas. Perhaps that we have been apart for the last week as she has been away.

Part of me wants to return to trying to control her. memories of going shopping with her and making her buy short skirts and dresses. I have a video of her presenting a talk where she is wearing a short skirt and bends over to pick up something and her undies are briefly visible.

Part of me wants to go home, clean the house and make dinner pending her return.

Part of me wants her to tie me to the bed and whip me and inflict pain on me.

Part of me wants her to restrict my orgasms and to orgasm herself.

The problem with trying to control her is that it has drained both of us of passion. It has removed intimacy from the relationship.

Anyway tonight she is due home and so I will focus on making dinner and ensuring the house is inviting.

I like the concept of using my need for sex as a motivator to do things for her.


  1. Mr. SMH,

    hey, welcome to the confliction club. There are lots of us out here. Your post has a lot of "I Want"'s which is a little hypocritical for a submissive. the "I Want" should be replaced with "She Want", but how to get there in practicality. Everyone coming from a traditional relationship goes through this too. Some think that as soon as they flip the Dominant Submissive switch, that is it, but there is a lot of rehearsed behavior that may take years of training to change.

    What helped me is each day do something for her that you think she would like of you, but without her having to ask. Each day.

    This helps program you to "tune-in" to her wants. She in turn helps to program her to expect you to do nice things for her and she will start to expect you to and ask for them herself more and more and the disparity in the relationship becomes natural.



  2. I think that is a great idea Mr subservienthusband.

    Even just thinking of it makes me feel submissive.

  3. Suggestions for every day things?

  4. if you are in the souther hem, pick fresh field flowers. buff her shoes. cook a nice desert. clean the inside of her car. do some ironing if you do not normally. write her a love note or poem. write her a note telling her something about yourself you didn't already know. If she does not have all the money, give her some of yours to do with whatever she likes.

  5. Thanks subservient-husband.