Saturday, May 7, 2011

light spanking

Well the wife came home last night after organising and running the youth group.

We went to bed.
I suggested that she whip or spank me or anything. Just be physical.

Eventually she spanked me with her hand on my pj's.
I asked if I could put a plastic bag on. (We do this with a little baby oil in it so no mess is made in the bed)
She spanked me some more.
I lay on my tummy rubbing against the mattress.
A couple of times, she hit the tops of my legs.

I remembered as a kid, being in the kitchen of a neighbours house and suddenly the mother laid the wooden spoon across the back of her daughters legs and the girl collapsed crying on the floor. The mother said to someone else there that she loved school unoform because it was so short that it made it easy to admisiter discipline. This was in the 1970's and the girls wore a short pleated netball skirt that just covered their sports briefs. Ahh the memories.

I asked my wife if I could put some shorts on. I wanted her to spank me on the top of my legs at the back. She just pulled my pj pants down and continued to spank me on my bare bottom.

Such a turn on.
I rubbed against the mattress
and came.
So nice.

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