Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pressure is building

No release through sexual activity since Monday AM and now I am beginning to feel like I would like sex but I suspect it is a while away.

Last night, I had one of the kids in the shower and I went to get another to do some washing up and my plan was once the washing up was started to get the kid out of the shower and get a different one in. Anyway, I arrive back from the bed room end of the house with the kid to do the washing up and my wife is doing it. At the same time, she is calling out to the kid in the shower to get out and for the one I just brought to get in. At the time I was really frustrated. I felt dis-empowered and annoyed. Then after taking a few deep breaths and walking round the house I said to myself. This is in a way what I want.

Like I would have liked her just to let me do it but also for myself, I want to be willing to accept whatever decisions she makes and whenever she makes them. If that makes sense.

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