Friday, May 20, 2011

A lunch treat

I went home for lunch. (No kids)

We lay on the bed together and I gave her a massage and she fell asleap. Normally this would really piss me off but in my submissive head space I am fine with that.

After she woke up we continued to lie there.

I asked her to whip me. She said she could not whip me any harder than she had done before and I said that was fine. It was actually quite painful. I would love her to do it harder and I would love to be tied down and be free to scream out in pain but I doubt if that will happen. It would just freak her out.

She stood up and said she was going to the toilet and for me to get the chord out.

I opened the draw beside the bed and got out the length of electrical flex and lay it on the bed. I then lay there face down.

She came in and without saying anything took it and whipped me 10 times across the buttocks.
Then she walked round the other side of the bed and started again. I pushed my face into the pillow and bit into it. As each stroke hit, I wriggled my bum as it was so painful. At that time I am just totally trying to withstand the pain.

After the second 10 she said "Is that enough". Now I actually would like her not to ask that but to decide on the number and administer but she is not in that head space. I said yes. I gave her a hug and asked if she was OK. She finds it quite distressing to hit me. Pity. Maybe a good thing.

I felt great.

It is also almost a week since we had sex and I came. We have talked about her taking the lead not only in the bed room but in more areas and that is exciting for me. Interestingly I am a leader at work but at home I just want her to make all the strategic decision and also all the sexual decisions. I have said to her that I enjoy the tease of her stroking me but not letting me cum.

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