Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sat AM

Woke early and could not sleep so went and did some work.
7am she awoke and got up and went to the toilet so I came back to bed.
I was thinking about sex (naturally).
I snuggled up to her and asked if she would be interested.

She said "We had talked about my release today"
I liked her talking that way.
She said take your pants off and put on some lubricant.
I did so and then got on top and slid very gently in.
After a moment I asked if she would like to roll over.
I would like her to tell me to roll over but for now this is great.
Then with her on top and moving I became even more turned on.
I asked "can I come"
She said "yes" so I thrust some moe and came and it was great and she kept moving and came shortly after luckilly I had not gone limp.

Then at the end of the day we were in bed again.
I asked if I might cum again and she said "no"
She said "lets build you up a bit"
"Perhaps two weeks this time"
"Maybe at our aniversry" (which is in about 4 weeks)
"Or maybe longer"
So there is soem great sexual tension here.

Of course inside I am all over the place
This is what I want. Her interest. Her control. yet at the same time there is that physical pressure for sexual release.

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