Monday, July 23, 2012

Sunday morning sex with her on top

We had sex Saturday night.
We chatted about how last time we had had sex, she had fallen asleep on top of me and I said how I had found that enjoyable.  On that occasion, we had both ended up cumming.  I said that I was OK with her having me hold off and that it would be fun for her to relax and sleep on me with me not cumming as I would presumably stay hard and stay inside her.  Anyway it was a fun discussion that finished up that way with her cumming several times and then falling asleep on me.

I just lay there with my arms around her and so so turned on but knowing I must lie still.  I also found it hard to breath.  At one stage, she woke up and I asked if we could put a pillow beside me and she would partially lie on that and she did.  I was still sort of hard and in the process of manouvering the pillow under her, she giggled which is something she has not done for ages and started to move and I giit hard and she came again and then relaxed and whispered in my ear "Hope you enjoyed that".

I must have drifted off to sleep but woke a few times as it was still quite hard to breath.  I was determined though to see if I could go the whole night like this.  Such is having a fetish I guess.
In the morning, she woke and just started to move again and again reached orgasm.  Then pulled off and kissed me passionately on the lips.  I was so so turned on.  It was great.

She said she hoped I had enjoyed that and I said I sure did. 

We then had another conversation about sex and orgasm.  She is still unsure about me not cumming.  I think she somehow feels that I don't find her attractive enough or something.  I tried to reassure her that she was really beautiful and that I did get great satisfaction from her cumming and that I enjoyed the tease.  I reminded her that in the last few moths she has cum many times and yet earlier in our marriage there were times when it seemed that she would not get to orgasm for years at a time.

I tried to broach the subject of perminant chastity but I do not think she is ready for that.

We discussed moodyness and I said well that is a problem.  I said remember that after I have had orgasm, there is some down feeling too.  At least some lack of attention feeling.  So me getting moody because I do not get to orgasm is a negative reason for me orgasming.  We should concentrate on the positives and work through the negative.  I mentioned that if she were to punish me by whipping if I get moody.  She said that how can that be a punishment as I enjoy the pain and I said make it so painful that there is no way I can enjoy it.  She said "well see". 


  1. I admire your ability to stay erect for such a long time and giving your mistress so many orgasms that way.


    1. Hi appy,

      Thanks for the comment.

      It is hard (grin) to get my wife to understand that if I do not cum that there are real benefits. One is staying hard. When I was a teen, I would have an erections that seemed to last for ever. Getting on in years and it would be nice to have that youthful feeling and not cumming gives that in a way. So me being submissive, contary to all the super BDSM theorests is not all about me or her but in my view has up sides for both of us. Her up side is more orgasms. Conversly there is a down side to cumming. Once I have orgasmed then thats it. Done for the day (or as I get older, the week maybe) plus there is a sort of down feeling.