Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Amazing how things 'come together'.

Last night my wife said 'tonight is your night'.  As I got into bed, I heard the crinkle of the plastic mattress protector and felt the bottom sheet slip across it.  She has folded the normal mattress cover over so she has two layers of quilt and the cotton sheet between her and the plastic and I only have the cotton sheet between me and the plastic. As we lay in bed and she ran her hands over me, and I across her, she said 'put on some plastic pants'.  So I hopped out of bed, dug them out of the bottom draw and put them on with some baby oil to make the slippery.  I put my boxers over the top and hopped back into bed.

My wife hates plastic.  I have learned not mention it.  She has at times, when we are agonising over our relationship made negative comment about it.  So this is a big thing for her to do. A present for me.

Then today, I see a posting where Locked Husband Comments on how he is finding the heat makes his chastity device hot and uncomfortable and he hates it.  I muse on how for me, I find that my fetish includes a component of needing the endurance.  Of living with something uncomfortable.  There is a challenge in a way.  And I have talked with my wife about this but as it seems she does not have a kinky bone in her body, I do not think she really understands but she plays along or does her best from time to time to entertain me.

So anyway we, well me at least, enjoyed the physical touch and the tease and stimulation, I asked if I could cum.  This is win win.  I would enjoy it if she said 'no' as that would add sexual tension and I certainly would enjoy the orgasm of cumming.  She said 'yes'.  So eventually with her active encouragement, I exploded into my plastic pants. 

I lay there relaxing but of course the moment was over and I start to think about the discomfort.  So I say 'I'm just going to change and clean up' to which she responds 'no stay in them all night'.  Ah so she has listened all to well.  So I wear my plastic pants and sleep on the plastic sheet all night.  It takes a while to get to sleep and I awoke a few times in the night.  But it is stimulatory all the same and extra nice that she was involved.

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