Sunday, July 8, 2012

Is it just being nice

When I read blogs about submissive guys most of them involve the guys doing all sorts of house work.

Why? I ask myself.

Personally I like the idea that if I want sex, that I have to work for it.  I find it much more enjoyable if she does not just let me have it. 

I wonder if somehow us guys go through a stage of just wanting to be nice helpful boys?

Mindset is an interesting thing.  I find myself oscillating somewhat.  Sometimes all thoughts are about the idea of submission and then at other times it just does not figure in my thought processes.

On a personal note,
Went camping over the weekend.  Kids and tents are not conducive to sex so there was none.  And surprsingly I am OK with that.  Camping is a good guy thing.  We get to put up tents and make fire.  Even though it's winter here, the sun was out and the beach was warm.  It is also expected that guys cook when camping and that does not leave much for the girls to do and so they lie around on the beach in their swimmers and I am good for that.  There are some romantic duties required that are not that bad such as walking hand in hand at sunset.  :)


  1. I do a lot of work around the house, I suspect more than the average husband. I don't really fantasize about this from a service standpoint. I am much neater than my wife, and it simply bothers me when things are not tidy. I do wish she would pitch in more.

    Having said that, service can be exciting to me. If I am not working (i.e., the weekend) and have the energy to do it, it can be erotic. The best example of this is when she locked me in the chastity belt during a ladies night out she had. She took a nap while I vacuumed her car so that she could have a more enjoyable time with her girlfriends. Then, I made a few of them pre-party drinks while they assembled at our house. I put the kids to bed and did the dishes, while she partied. I wonder what her girlfriends thought of me. It was a rather exciting act of service.

  2. Hi Lovetosubmit,
    You don't fanticise about it. Oh how do you cope....
    You are missing out on so much

    You say you wish she would pitch in more. I wish my wife would sexually tease more. "do more sweeping and you might... just might ... get some sex.. "

    I actually find that if I do not orgasm that I have much more energy. Not working also helps but that alas is a luxury I do not have. It is certainly not erotic if I am tired although I do fanticise about being tired but keeping going for fear of being whipped (or even just disapointing her)

    I too enjoy vacuuming the car and doing other things for her and she knows that. It is nice and fun to be able to serve her in front of her girlfriends too. So I can relate to your message. Enjoy and keep on enjoying.