Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Chatting with the wife about teasing

Last night we got into bed and snuggled up together and I said thank you for last night.

She said "would you like to do it again" and naturally I said "Yes" and so she said get out of bed and put on a plastic bag.  I got a plastic bag out of the bedside table and put a little baby oil in it and put it over my penis.  I then said should I put on plastic pants or just undies and she said undies.  Got back into bed and she stroked and teased me.

I said "Can I cum" and she said "Not tonight, do you think you can wait all night like this" and I said "yes" and she said "No waking me up rubbing against me or rocking the bed at 2am".  I said "I'll do my best".

We then went on to have a wonderful little conversation where we discussed how she liked me to touch her bottom and tease her by gradually doing things and moving slowly.  I said "well you stroking me and teasing me is like that too.  There is great enjoyment in the tease. The anticipation.  The sexual tension" 

She said we will be going to sleep at 11:30 and you can wake me at a quater to six in the morning for 15 minutes and then I (her) will be getting up. 

From about 5am I was awake watching the clock and at 5:45am I started to stroke her back and when she stirred I said "it's a quater to six".  We played & touched and she stroked my hard penis through the undies and plastic bag.  I asked if I could cum, half hoping she would say "no" but she said "yes" and so with her touching me I rubbed and came and that was a nice way to start the day.


  1. My wife and i just began doing this i truly enjoy being her sub husband she was reluctant (for a day) than she came into her role as dominatrix female and today we decided to let her be the dominate wife and i do her every bidding i cleaned did laundry dishes vacuumed you name and i was happy and turned on the whole time our marriage has never been better just do research and share it with her do it together as a couple it will be great if she is willing to don't push it she should come around if she has even the slightest urge to control you and almost all that you do

  2. Gee you are lucky that she was only reluctant for a day.

    I think it is small steps for her. Reading and research seem to be very important.

    Thanks Anonymous.

  3. Most certainly, my wife works and earns a paycheck I stay home and take care of the 'househusband" details all decisions are at her final say, I am to ask for anything I want and she will say yes or no at her option. I am to sexually please her anytime she feels like it, I may or may not be locked up, and if so my hands and mouth are hers. If I get out of line a spanking is in order upon completion I must appoligise for the infraction. She is literally the head of our home!

  4. Hi stetson,

    It sounds all good for you. Emotional conection, protection, challenge, sexual tension. Lucky guy.