Thursday, July 26, 2012

Interpretation of Submission

I want him to take the initiative
To open doors, hold coats, Ladies first.
To gently approach sexually
All without being told

I want her to order me about and spank me when I am good and beat me when I am bad.


  1. hi,I`m David from the north of england,my good woman as been doing exactly the same to me for over 40yrs.We didn`t know anybody else did what we do until I got a lap top and found all these blogs,I lurked about for a while then bonnie had lurkers day so I nailed our colours to the mast.She isn`t to pleased about it as shes very private,I`m just thrilled to share it,anyway its maintenance spank tonight so I`ll probably get a few extra if she sees this rosy cheeks davetouchintoes

  2. Hi David,

    Thanks for posting. It looks like you have a great intimate relationship. Women confound us men. When it comes with "sharing it" well the internet is reasonably anonomous. As a guy I can certainly relate to wanting to share it. It is very cathardic.