Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Called home for lunch

My wife phoned me and asked if we could have lunch together so we could discuss various issues. Don't get your hopes us readers. Just mundane things that don't get discussed in the morning because everyone is busy getting to school & work and don't get discussed at night because of kids sport, cooking, washing up and then we are too tired.

I arrived home and she was wearing a short skirt and tights. She knows I find that attractive, sexy, nice. So it was nice to see and nice that she had made the effort.

There was no mention of sex and I figured I want her to lead so I should not push the sex thing although like a good boy it is always on my mind.

We had lunch and chatted and made lists and then each of us went and checked things on our respective computers. Prices for tickets, Potential birthday presents and so on. When everything on her list had a tick beside it, I said that I had better be on my way back to work.

She made a comment that she was hoping I might have time for a little extra.

Suddenly the need to go back to work was shall we say lessened.

We lay on the bed and kissed and she lay with her back to me so I could draw on it and run my hand across her bottom. Being gentle and just letting my fingers occasionally brush on the top back of her legs. I love the feel of the tights. Gradually between her legs as she started to move.

She made a comment about how she would like my fingers inside her but that there was something in the way. I asked if she would like me to take off her tights but she said that they were on for me. Which was nice.

I then decided to be a bit bold and put my hands in through the waist band of the tights, inside her undies and around to her clitterous. She made positive comments as I touched and pushed my fingers in. I like it when she tells me verbally what to do. She said work her clitterous from top to bottom.

She came.

We both relaxed. We had a little giggle because I had left my hand in her panties.

We rested.

She said "you seem to be enjoying the tease of not cumming?"
I said "It's a challenge that I am enjoying and I am enjoying helping you orgasm"
I said "I think about it all the time"
She said "You do not seem to be getting grumpy the way you used to when you did not get sex"
I said "Sometimes I feel moody and grumpy but I try to get over it without expressing myself to you"
She said "maybe we should continue like this for a while"
I said "Boys love a challenge"
I then asked if I could go ack to work.
Kissed her and left with a warm fuzzy feeling.
And a still very hard penis.

It's funny in a way. We somehow get this idea that men need to cum. I think I need intimacy. Hugging. Feeling wanted, loved, needed, relied upon. To cum is great but immediatly after there is a feeling that ranges between sort of nothingness through well thats the end of that for a while to maybe mild depression. Not cumming but with her involvement keeps me in that sexual energy high.

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  1. That is good, let her be in charge with your orgasms, buy a chastity device and let her have the key. As she enjoys her control, gradually tell her you need her to whip you. Start with a hair brush and give her oral sex without you cumming. Let her smack your ass until it is red, and tell her she is your mistress. Then do things around the house (clean, dust, dishes). When you are in bed, start licking her toes and slowly
    movr to her pussy and don't stop till she climaxes, then say I hope your slave has pleased you mistress!