Monday, August 13, 2012

Show day

The show is on here and we went in with another two families.  Husbands, wives and kids everywhere.   

It was very obvious that the mothers were in charge and the husbands were just there to carry things and watch children.

At one stage we were all standing around while dinner (as specified by the wives) was purchased and one of the wives said to me go and find us somewhere to sit.  I said "there is really no point in me doing that because you ladies will simply change whatever I select anyway". 

In hindsight that sounds somewhat petulant which was not the intention at the time.  What I was trying to verbalise was that us husbands recognised that the wives were very much in control.

I think also there was a bit of a feeling like I am happy to do whatever you want but it does frustrate me if I do it for no purpose.

Actually as I write this, I think I should have gone and done exactly what was asked of me and not even worried that they would over rule me and do their own thing anyway.

As I have written this, I wish that I could go home, confess and be whipped.

Bizzare arnt I.

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