Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fem dom

Some generalisations.  I think these are true not just in the fem dom mind but generally true across the world.
- men are turned on visually.
- Men find womens bodies & clothes attractive
- Women may find some attraction to mens bodies but not to the same extreme as men do of women.
- Women dress to impress other women.

Young Women (as a generalisation) fall in lust with a man and will dress to a degree the way he wants.
Yooung women (as a generalisation) may have sex with the man because they think that is what he wants and that by giving it to him, the man will somehow be connected to her. 

Imagine if
- girls had the self confidence to not give the guys sex. 
I grew up active in a Christian church where sure there was the idea of men in charge and women to be submissive but there was also the idea of purity / chastity until marriage.  The expectation was that young hormone ravaged men could control it.  And they did.  In my case they did and in the case of others they did too.

I believe that with this commitment, it gives the girls security.  They should be secure in knowing that they will not be raped.

It also creates a sexual tension.  I believe that sexual tension is hot.

Imagine if after marriage, this sexual tension continued. 
Imagine if the girls did not feel like they had to give sex whenever he wanted it.
Imagine if they were confident to continue keeping the boy chaste and only allowed the men to cum when they wanted.  It might be as a reward or perhaps simply to create children.

Another random thought
have you heard the phrase "she dresses like a prostitute".
Now not having met a prostitute, I can not verify how they dress but I take that phrase to mean that "she" is dressing in a way to attract men.
I like that.
I would like that women would dress to attract men.  Dress sexy.
To me dressing dowdy is demeaning to the woman.

I can envisage a society where
- The women all dress sexilly, skimpy, flirty -> looks good & Keeps the boys attention.
- Men serve the women because they are attracted.
- men rarely get orgasm.  They get attention, hugs, kisses, touch, tease & denial, love.  But no orgasm.

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