Friday, January 25, 2013

Over reaction & mindset

I am .... moody.

Last night she whipped me.  Ah you say.  Ouch I say.

OK some background. 
We (the wife and I) seemed to have drifted away from the submission thing.  I had gotten the impression she did not like it.  So I did a few things that she did not agree with lets say. 

So she was out at various meetings last night and when she came home she observed some rearranging I had done in the yard.  I thought it was a good idea and that I was being helpful, insightful.  Yet her questioning implied otherwise.  In a similar vein I had asked one of the kids to do something for her and she had come home during the day and had told the kid that she had wanted to do that herself.  Strike 2 to my ego.  And then we had both received an email relating to an event that we are both involved in.  I had held off sending a response.  I wanted to confer with her and ensure that my response was fair and reasonable and of course I just saw it as a curtosy to involve her.  When I go to discuss it with her I find she has already sent a response by email.  Strike 3 to my ego.

Now all of the above would have been quite OK had I been in a submissive mindset.  But as I indicated we seemed to have gotten off that. 

So I got moody.  Sulked.  Spoke to her and told her what was what.  Over reacted.

Went to bed.

Later when she had done whatever she intended to do, she came into the bed room.  I was pretty much asleep but started to awaken when she opened the draw of our bedside table.  She said "Roll over onto your tummy".  I realised she was going to whip me using the electrical flex we keep in there for that purpose.

I rolled over and she whipped me.  I was not counting.  It hurt.  A lot.  A lot more than it had hurt before.  I writhed around on the bed and eventually put my hand back and said stop.  She stopped.  Then after a pause she said lie down again and she did a few more.  Once again I grabbed the wire that she was whipping me with.  Then after a pause she said lie down again and she walked round to the other side of the bed.  I said no more and she said "I will decide that and we need to balance it out".  I bit into the pillow and once again my bottom exploded in pain.  I writhed arround.  Then it was over.  She put the whip away and got into bed and I just lay there and after my heart stopped pounding I reliased how stupid I had been.  I thanked her for my wakeup call.  My come to my senses call.

I said I was sorry.

In hindsight I think though that it is much easier to stay in a submissive mindset than to switch unexpectadly.  If I had been in that mindset, I would have asked before either of the first two actions and I would not have gotten angry at her replying to the email without consulting me.

I also wondered why it seemed so much more painful than previously.  I think it may have been because I was not mentally prepared for it.

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  1. Finally your wife is becoming a Mistress. First denying you sex, very good for your mindset then deciding that you had behaved badly with a lack of respect for her. A very good start for the new year and just think she will probably find it easier and easier to take control as she progresses.

    I hope that you can look forward to more severe punishment in the future.