Friday, January 18, 2013

pain stimulates

My wife read diary of a submissive.

This morning she pinched my nipples.
Cripes it hurt.
But I got hard.

How weird am I.

OK I laready knew I was weird.


  1. Sounds like progress to me!

    We're all weird in our own way :)

    Reminds me of this blog post:

  2. Nipple play is somewhat of a recent discovery. My wife's nipples are EXTREMELY sensitive. If I inadvertently nick them, it could literally ruin the session. So, she never thought of experimenting with nipple play on me. Wow, I am really glad that I convinced her to try it! I am very surprised how turned on I get when she pinches my nipples. She is baffled, because if I did to her what she does to me, she would be crying in pain. I dunno, I enjoy it. There are certainly some psychological aspects to it, but it turns me on big time! When we first started with male nipple torture, I came from her riding me on top, which had never really happened before. It's something that we are going to stay with. Definitely excites me.


  3. I am wondering if this makes for a better direction.

    Maybe stay off the topic of submission and submissive with my wife and let her inflict pain on me. sort of just keep it physical. On saturday we managed a few hours in the bed room and she really hurt my nipples while I effectively masturbated with a plastic bag over my penis. It was very fun and I think she was OK with it.

    Having read "diary of a submissive" she seems to be more OK with the idea that some people get aroused by pain and that physical pain is not necessarilly bad although she herself does not like it.

    We will see where it goes.