Thursday, April 11, 2013

getting into a submissive headspace and other musings

Following on from recent posts, sort of freewheeling at the moment.  The wife and most of the kids are away on holiday and I am home with one of the kids.

So not much practical submission or submissiveness going on.

So this blog positing of more of a philosophical thinking out loud kind of thing that I may add to during the day.

Submissive Role Models
It seems that submissive role models fall into the fallowing groups
  1. People who submit based on religious conviction.  For example the 'traditional' idea that wives in the Christian church would submit to their husbands.
  2. People who are submissive and get (sexual?) gratification out of being overtly submissive AND for whom being spanked ir otherwise physically punished is something they like.

Is there anything in between?
What about a person who does not get aroused by being spanked but is willing to be spanked or hit or suffer some kind of physical abuse? because that excites their partner.  ie their partner is a sadist but they themselves are not a masochist. ?

What about a person who is submissive in the sense that they are willing to do whatever their other half commands them to do but for whom the idea of physical punishment is totally wrong or even punishment at all per se.  ie they are willing to submit to instructions but take the view that one adult should not punish another?

Getting into a submissive head space
For me getting into a submissive head space is nice and I like that.  I feel comfortable in there.  I find that being spanked helps me get there.

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