Friday, April 26, 2013

This morning, had a shower and....

This morning, had a shower and walked back into our bed room with my towel around my waist.  Wife accosts ( :)  ) me.  Kisses me and after a moment rips the towel off me so I am starkers and she is in her nightie.
I push the door closed.
We grind against each other.
I suggest that I lie face down on the bed and she rub herself on me.
She goes for it.
We lie there and she cums (She is on her period so wearing panties and a pad).
I suggest that she get a plastic bag and she does.
She returns with the bah and I lie on my back.  She sucks me a bit which is both nice and also disappointing because I do not get hard.  Old.  Fragile.  I guess.
She slips the bag on and then gets on top and grinds again and cums.  I almost cum.
She lies face down and I grind against her bum (she is wearing panties) and I cum.
We lie together for a few moments.
She said "How did you know"
I said "Know what"
She said "To lie on the bed and that I (wife) wanted to rub on you"
I said: "I just hoped"

Then it is up and the day has started.

If only every day started as positively.

What I really liked was that she started this.  She grabbed me.  Was mildly aggressive.  It was fun to be fully nude while she was clothed.  It was fun that she came.  I was not game to ask to cum because if I do I start to wish she would say no or put some condition on it but she rarely does.

So there we go.  Not the overt super dom sub thing that I suspect most readers would like but my life anyway.

I hope anyone reading this has a really great day.  (subbing or domming of course)


  1. I'm really enjoying your blog. Thank you!

  2. very interesting. as long as you satisfied her and you weren't released, its femdom in my book

  3. Wow...this is hot!