Thursday, April 4, 2013

sex this morning

We had sex this morning.
She initiated it.  That was nice.  She started rubbing me and then pinched my breasts.  That got me interested.

She got on top.  Tried to get me inside her but I was dry.  I said there is lube in the draw.  At first she appeared to ignore me and I let it go.  I figured she knows and she does not need me to remind her.  I think she likes to take her time to work herself on.  But she eventually went for the lube.  With me inside her and her on top, she instructed me to put one hand on her back and the other on her bum.  She also said to move a lot.  So I did.  It was nice to know what she wanted.  She came and then relaxed on top of me.  Then she said she wanted me to cum.  She rolled us over so I was on top.  I came as instructed and enjoyed it.  :).


Program on the radio discussing how kids get a good proportion of their sex ed from porn.

And the vast majority of porn is effectively male domination of women.

When one thinks about it, the "traditional" message that kids got was one of men put women first.  You know open doors, ladies first, give her your coat if she is cold and so on.  Abstain till marriage and then she has to give him sex whenever he wants it.  That message was one of sacrifice and respect.  The porn message is one of man drives harder and the woman somehow seems to enjoy it but turns out only on TV.  But that is the message the kids are getting. 

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