Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Another glimpse of what is possible

We have been going to see a marriage counsellor.  A bit ordinary in its self but it has improved things in the bedroom although I can not see a direct link.  I guess that's the thing with women.

The other night she had me put a plastic bag over my penis with some baby oil in it.  We started doing this way back as a way to catch the cum and avoid mess.  She then had me lie on my tummy on the bed and she climbed onto my back and lay face down on me.

She ground on me and I rubbed against the mattress.

The more we did this the more I moved into sub space.

She reached around and grabbed my nipple and squeezed it till it hurt and that just pushed me further in.  Then the other nipple.  Then she came.  I was so on edge.  I had wanted her to cum first because once I cum, I loose interest.  I was about to move into overdrive and cum when she said "That's enough for now.  Lie still"  I asked "Can I cum".  She said "not tonight. We'll see in the morning and don't wake me up in the night".

Wow the sexual tension.
I lay there on my back with my penis still in the slippery stimulating plastic bag.  Hard as a rock and totally wide awake.

Morning came and I had to get up early.  I whispered could I have a quickie before I got up and she said "Do you think you can wait until tonight".  I said "sure"  So totally torn with this sexual tension.  The wish to cum physically vs the fun of being denied.  Lets see what happens tonight.

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