Monday, March 23, 2015

Stress releaf

I was a bit moody.  A bit stressed.

She said should she use the strap on me.  That is use the strap upon my bottom.  Put those thoughts away.

It is so much fun when she initiates.

She got my leather strap and I asked should I take my pants off.  She said yes.  Interesting because on occasion she has not wanted to see "damage" to my bum.

She strapped me as I lay naked on the bed.

You know it is pretty weird but it hurts (read stings) but at the end a real sense of calm washes over me.

Before doing this I had a mild headache but that was completely washed away.

After that we had sex.  Me on top being gentle.  She has begun in recent times to pinch my nipples.  That arouses me.  Its like there is a signal wire from my nipples to my dick and that says "get hard".

She did not unfortunately want to roll over and cum with her on top.  I guess it was a "I'm doing this for you" thing.

Anyway the key point of this post is that spanking can cure a headache :)


  1. I could not agree with you more. Prior to retirement I was in a very high stress job and that is the main reason I asked her to spank me the first time. I had read where spanking can release stress and wanted to find out. After a good spanking the stress is gone and I'm very relaxed. But in our life style she wants me naked so she can see the reaction on my bottom.

  2. I am pretty sure my slave would disagree... Spanking would give him a headache not cure it...