Thursday, March 19, 2015

Nothing much hapening

Kids take up time.
Cleaning the kitchen.
Feeling tired from work.
No time left for intimacy.
Deep breath.
Its life.

(I read back on my blog that in recent times she has indulged me and I am sure she will again)

I ponder though the freedom that I read about with people in a real sub relationship.
I also yearn for the love that I feel is expressed when the dom takes the time to give a maintenance spanking.  To me that is the quintessential connection of a BDSM relationship.  When the dom takes the time and effort and the sub demonstrated submission and is of course guided into subspace.
ah I dream....

Mind you the other day she said (not for the first time) have I though about finding someone else to play out my kinks with.

Any takers?  Probably need to be in Oz and live at least reasonably close to an airport.

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  1. Tried to comment did not go through I'm in oz and travel maybe ????