Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sexual Submission vs domestic nothingness

Reading blogs and trying to filter out the fantasy and porn.
Pondering this submission thing.
A few themes come through.
I should try and collect some URLs that reference these.

1.  Domestic slavery and no sex
This theme is the husband who tirelessly does all the home duties but there seems to be a general disinterest by the wife in pretty much anything he does.  Its as if he has given up on the relationship and just does this domestic stuff.

Mind you I know that when I have not had orgasm for a while that there is a bit of a kinky self indulgent turn on associated with washing the dishes or doing other housework.

I see this as a bit distinct from where the wife requires the husband to perform these duties as part of his submission.

2. Feminising the husband
Getting him to wear womens underwear or skirts and dresses, high heels etc while getting on with doing the housework.

This seems an odd thing to me because it seems to reinforce the association of submission with femininity. 

I can understand getting sexually aroused dressing up in womens clothing.  I can even understand the idea that as gender equality progresses that it may become socially acceptable for men to wear what has been traditionally female.

The sub that would like to be is:
Identifiably male.
Strong.  Physically fit.
With a wife who is identifiably female.  (She can also be strong and physically fit)
Where my wife is willing and confident to tell me to do certain things.
Where I do certain tasks like say housework without being constantly reminded.
Where the social calendar is organised by her. (Which mine is)

I guess what I would like to see is the sexual tension element added to it.  That does not mean sexual intercourse.  In fact plenty of tease and denial.

I would also like there to be a physical spanking aspect.  I do not know how one reconciles that with the idea of the battered spouse but I would like to spank / hit me.  I mean she would say bend over or lie down.  Now obviously I am physically strong and fit enough to refuse but that is just the thing.  I wouldn't.  I would like to take a deep breath and bend over and be spanked / whipped whatever.


  1. I considered myself to be among the luckiest men in the world. I get to the live the very life you describe, with the exception of feminization. My Mistress Wife has me wear panties often, not because she wants to turn me into a girlie man, but rather because she so much enjoys the idea that I am wearing them as a symbol of our relationship. I never really thought about it before, but you might be right. Her having me wear panties may very well equate femininity with submission, without that being our intention. On the other hand, my Mistress Wife is exceedingly feminine, sweet, demure and dominant all at the same time. Interesting!

    I am spanked when I am in need of correction in Mistress' mind. It is both harsh and comforting because I know that when the punishment has been endured and is over, the aftercare allows for Mistress and I to connect on a level that is so very deep, loving and beautiful. It truly does allow us to "wipe the slate clean"

    Great Post!

  2. You are indeed a lucky man. A spanking given by a loved one is just the most intimate interaction. Trust. Love Correction. Closeness.