Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Dream On

The marriage is to be honest
Stale, Tender, Boring, A bit tense.
We are nice to each other.
She does not talk about her feelings.
I know not to talk about mine although sometimes I slip up on that.

On that issue, I would love to find someone in Brisbane Australia who is of a kinky mindset (and you would have to be if you are reading this) to chat and discuss feelings, kink etc over a beer or a coffee or a glass of red.

So I figured I might just use this little writing space as a place to pour out feelings and fantasies.  In addition to reading other kinky submissive blogs.

Anonymity means that I can be truthful.  There is no need to disguise fantasy as fact which seems to be a feature of the net.  (On that you would think every person ever caned was caned on their bare bum - hmm really?)

So where to....?

On the real side
Well I like to wear an adult diaper.  Sometimes I get urge incontinence and have to really really focus to not wet myself.  If I wear a diaper then I don't have to do this.  There are several situations where it is convenient.  For example, yesterday at work I had several back to back meetings.  One would finish as the next was scheduled to start.  A bit of a walk between meeting rooms and I am in a hurry.  Standing and that dreaded urge to pee.  There are no toilets between the meeting rooms.  I have to go past the meeting room to the toilet and then come back.  As I get to the room, everyone is there and ready to start including some contractors who have been signed in.  Awkward.  I'm the chair.  I'm supposed to make it all happen.  I just go in and the formalities of shaking hands and exchanging business cards takes place and I just wet myself.  Sounds disgusting when you say it like that.

Tonight the family and friends are going to the movies.  I will wear a diaper for this because on occasion I have had to keep focus and that kind of distracts from the enjoyment of the show.

On the fantasy side, I was dreaming of a woman wearing a tight stretchable plastic leotard boy leg with sleeves.  The fantasy just wandered around in my head as a fun little kinky distraction.  Different versions of the day dream included pondering someone who did this because she enjoyed it and another being one of being arm twisted into it.  Wearing it under her clothes say to work and sweating in it and having to put some absorbent material garters (like what tennis players wear on their wrists) around her legs.  Later wearing just it on its own at some kind of party.  I was envisaging that it was not clear plastic but a milky colour so as to provide the barest covering.  Also how does she wee in it?

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