Friday, April 15, 2016

Effort from as early as I can recall

I have a couple of kinks - Plastic, spanking, girls tights.

I have spent a bit of time on the net and realised that many others, as kids, spent quite a deal of time feeding the addiction.  There were a number of people who described the effort they went into to make plastic pants out of shopping bags or stealing plastic pants  and so on.

For me I did several weird things.  I can recall making a pair of plastic pants out of grey duct tape.  Of course they were not stretchy.  Very encasing.  This was defiantly pre puberty.  Probably about grade 5 or 6 so around 10 or 11.   I did the making and trying on in the laundry which was in a small separate shed in the back yard.  I don't recall wetting them.  In fact at that age, I do not recall a desire to wet.  Just an affinity to plastic.  I certainly had a curiosity with nappies and plastic pants and plastic sheets on beds.  I would check out my friends bed rooms to see who had plastic protectors on their beds and so on but I don't recall actually getting aroused or wanting to wet.  Weird hey.

I also used to make plastic pants and plastic singlets out of plastic shopping bags.  For the singlet, I would cut straight across the bottom and the carry handles would be shoulder straps. For plastic pants, I would cut leg holes at the bottom.  I used to try and make these tight so a lot of effort was required to slowly slip them on.  To make this happen I would smear some baby oil and at times vascelene on my body.  I had to be careful that the plastic did not rip and would pre tear strips of duct tape to reinforce the plastic if it started to stretch too much in one place.

This was all pre puberty.

So no orgasms.  But I recall a sort of internal challenge to see how long I could wear them.  I think pretty soon after I would get it on I would then partly want to take it off.  But I would set up these sort of personal challenges to see how long I could wear them.

I recall in middle primary school being in a play and having to wear green tights and a brown tunic.  Closest thing to a dress.  I was again turned on in a prepubescent way.  Kept them for years after and would wear them both in the safety of my room.  But often, I would wear the tights under long pants.  To school and also just around the place.  In retrospect, I think the school thing fitted into that personal challenge thing in that once they were on I really could not take them off until I got home from school.

I guess the thing I started to write on was the effort that was expended. 


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