Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Triggered by reading this

I want to be spanked.  Weird hey.

Now in times past, I have gotten my wife to spank me and cane me and whip me with a chord.  That was interesting.  Tempered because she is just not into it.  It's not a topic she engages with so I cant even satisfy my curiosity as to what she is thinking on the topic.

One thing I learned, on a practical side was that I found that it was a quite effective way to get rid of a headache.  Maybe it only works for certain types of headaches.  Maybe say tension headaches.  I don't have enough data to progress this.

I used to liken it to "Trigger Point Massage".  In a  "Trigger Point Massage", quite considerable pressure is put on certain locations.  It is reasonably painful in its own way.  Annoyingly, my wife likes trigger point massage but not spanking.  For me though, certainly in terms of dealing with headaches they both work and they both seem to be painful to a degree.

Another thing for me with spanking though I want the dominant person to make the decisions.  When, how many, how hard.  I have always had to ask her to spank me.  I've tried to tell her that it would be great if she were to surprise me and tell me I am going to be spanked and take control but no.  Never happens.  That tempers the experience.  Having to cajole her into it makes it harder to get into a submissive head space and then if she stops and says "Is that enough" - Well No it isn't until you say so.  Or "Am I hurting you"? 'well yes that the idea' Get on with it!  (Grr  :) )

I have this crazy dream that I would like to be tied down and spanked, whipped or caned really hard.  I want to be free to cry and scream but I don't want the person to diminish the force.  I don't want to be asked anything and I don't want a safe word.  For practical or I guess legal and medical protection we would need to negotiate the boundaries but once agreed, I want to be helpless.  Weird hey.

A would also like to spank her or a woman but that is another story.  :)


  1. Has she read anything on spanking and what one gets when being spanked or is spanking someone? I'm guessing not. When we started spanking that was where my wife was. Then something happened I'm not sure what but now she will say you are getting a spanking and it stops when she feels my bottom is the proper color and good and sore.

  2. To my knowledge the only thing she ever read was an article in Cleo about 20 years ago. My recollection was that the article was very sensible and honest. So no negative there. Apart from that it saddens me that she does not open her mind. She does not to my knowledge search google to see what is possible. It extends to more than just kink. Politics as well. She has no interest in what's going on. Me on the other hand listen to the news in the car and so on and then look up background on stuff. There are some things she gets hooked on. Those she researches and gets excited about - sugar for example - she has read books and learned recipes to make food without sugar. (No sugar in our house!). She has formed the view that spanking is bad = abusive = wrong and I don't know how to get her to open her mind on that.