Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Shame, regret, fear of being found out

Growing up, I never felt guilty or shame or regret.  Not that I recall anyway.  An interesting contrast to the present where I wish I had never told my wife.  I sometimes wish I had never had these kinks and was just "normal" when it came to sex.  Maybe then my wife would love me and have no need to think I am weird.  But mainly I just wish I had never told her.  I feel she is frigid, up tight, judgemental and a just a whole lot of depressing negatives.  That's me being negative and judgemental here.

As a kid I don't recall being overly scared of being found out.  Mindful of it and knowing it was not socially normal.   I suspect in hindsight that my mother probably knew at least something.  She however was pretty laid back.  Not a verbally aggressive person.  To take a more vanilla thing, When I tried smoking as a kid, her response was to tell me to keep it outside.  I think she kind of ignored things.  I recall one time, she opened my bedroom door when I was standing there in one of my plastic singlets and she just closed the door.  Several years later, I had acquired a leotard and used to wear it as underwear.  I must have left it somewhere.  She washed it and just put it in my underwear draw.  Nothing was said.

I contrast the above with stories I read on the web where parents discover their kids cross dressing or wearing a nappy and they explode and punish the kid.  Similarly the net seems to over flow with bare bottom punishment and I never saw or even heard of that.  Finally when one reads on the net of kids who wet the bed or wore nappies.  I can understand them being worried about being found out but I don't recall any of the kids I knew who either wore nappies to bed or who wet the bed ever being teased.  I would imagine that in the heat of the moment, one kid may use that as a weapon against another kid but it did not seem to feature in my circle of friends anyway.

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