Monday, March 27, 2017

A weekend goes by

It's now Monday and the weekend went by.  No sex as was to be expected.

Weirdly I'm kind of relaxed about it.  There is still a dull but less ache but interestingly also I think no morning erection.  certainly once I was fully awake through to mid morning here at work no erection and weirdly, I'm not worried. 

I do hope I have not lost the ability but weirdly I'm not worrying about it.

As MrBill commented on my previous post, I would love for my wife to regain her libido.  I would love to lie on my back with an erection and have her ride me and for her to orgasm and me to have to not orgasm.  Some pain like nipple clamps or a whipping before would be great.

I have been more overtly saying to her that when Easter comes and my abstinance period is over that I would be open to continuing.  I've said that i really would prefer sex to be when she wants it and is turned on and not just something she does because she thinks I "need relief".  Sex like that just makes me feel weak.


  1. "Be careful what you wish for" once again. I wished for my wife to control my sex life and to be all about her pleasure.
    Unfortunately, her libido is ebbing even more than mine as we age. So, we must look on the bright side and consider our abstinence as a gift to our long suffering wives.

  2. I pick up on your comment "long suffering wives" and I guess one of my things is that she does not talk about her feelings with me. I assume she does with her girl friends but not with me. So the problem seems to include that she may be suffering as a result of my actions but because she does not talk about it then I probably keep doing whatever and the situation does not improve