Monday, March 13, 2017

Prostate pain

Last night got up and went to the toilet and did a wee.  It was a bit painful.  It felt like I still needed to wee.  Lay down in bed.  Got up went and wee'd again.  Back to bed.  Feels like I still need to wee.  Got up. nothing. Went and sat in the lounge. Up and down a few more times.  It was like a burning sensation at the tip of my penis that made it feel like I needed to wee.  Kept going in and a little would dribble out. 

went and put an adult nappy on that I keep "in case"

Got back into bed and lay there.  It was quite painful.  The need to wee was ever present. 

Now I had had a similar experience a few months ago that had had me laid up and off work.  I'd had a ultrasound that had shown a infected and swollen prostrate.  The doc had prescribed strong antibiotics.

So I was a bit worried.  My thoughts were that some urine may have gone back up the tube that connects to the prostrate and caused the infection.

So in the middle of the night my wife wakes and asks if I'm OK.  I explain the pain and that Ive been to the toilet about 10 times and it feels like the previous infection thing.  I ask if I could masturbate to push any urine back out the tube.

She said "No"

Normally she has a resonse like what do you think you should do and I find that frustrating.  Here she was very definate. 

She said if it's infection then it's already set in and mastubation isn't going to do anything.  See the doctor in the morning.

She rolled over and went back to sleep.

I eventually got to sleep.  Interestingly my adult nappy was slightly wet in the morning.

This morning all felt OK.  I got up and went to the gym.  Then straight onto work.  I noticed eventually a text asking if I'd contacted the doctor yet.  I did that and sent her one back thanking her for reminding me and also thanking her for being decisive and supportive.

So even though in a way, I'm leading from the bottom, she is more on baord with it.

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