Monday, March 20, 2017

Research into Abstinance

Spent some time searching for information on sexual abstinance

The Natural Family Planning and Catholics seem to be the most serious or vanilla about this.  Obviously plenty of fem dom stuff but I was kind of more interested in stuff that would hopefully be less likly to be the dreams of old men.

Anyway before I got to those who practice long term abstinance, it seems that abstinance has been studied a bit.  There are conflicting opinions on whether it causes problems.  Prostrate issues is cited.  It seems though that opionions differ.  So my take was that really there is no statistically significant evidence that there is a problem with long term sexual absinance.

Next there were a few university studies where they had measured testosterone levels for a few weeks after an orgasm and while abstaning.  As I understood it, about a week after orgasm, the body goes into testosterone creation overdrive in an attempt to prompt the body into seeking sex and that about the two week point, the testosterone has dropped back to 'normal' and then if abstinance is maintained the level drops further.

Now that seems to correlate with my personal experience in regard to desparation or sex drive.  I'm now at or just past the 2 week mark and the physical pressure is definately less.

Onto the NFP people.  So they believe that one should not use condoms or other birth control. 

As a generalisation, it seems that the happily married couple start off with all good intentions where they track her cycle and he gets about a week of sex every month.  But that of course means he is facing that testosterone spike every month.  So every month he has to resist and go through the hardest emotional barrier.  It seems that either they give up or start using contraceptives or do something to provide releif or a small dedicated group stick with it.  Those tht stick with it tend to go for full or near full abstinance.  He might get a treat every so often maybe once or twice a year.

 I think that it is a mutually agreed decision but that the wives tend to be in the determined to support him category.  It seems that they are sensitive to the mans needs and give lots of encouragement but equally they kind of are very clear "no sex" baby!.

I guess my wish would be that my wife would be more engaged.  I have shown her some of the forums and pointed out the wives are proactive in being supportive and physically intimate.

At present my mariage is a bit cold.  The wife is not "engaged". she's always too busy and too tired and bla bla excuse excuse.  And I'm just not interested in sex with her while thats the dynamic.

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