Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Just another day

I feel like I am becommimg a sexless being.
Abstinance combined with old age I guess. Maybe it's use it or loose it.  Anyway no hard on this morning.  Not aroused now.  Actually a bit of mild depression.


  1. Why no morning wood? Physical? Weight gain? No exercise? Correcting those things did help me get out of a bit of depression and definitely helped the morning thing (the rest is a different story). Maybe got the testosterone back in tune or something. I would hate to think of that disappearing.
    You have your own situation, unique as it is, that has some commonality with a few of us. I do check in on you. Try to find your way through this and how she can relate to you. She still is there and that is important. tsoao (the same old anonymous one)

  2. Hi tsoao :),

    Thanks for your message.

    I do exercise. I play a team sport and that has been an essential part of delaing with the mild depression that seems to have become a part of my life. Whilst I should loose a bit of weight I am not FAT.

    I get hard if she puts in some effort to touch me but some mornings no hard on.