Saturday, December 25, 2010

12 orgasms of Christmas

Last night, christmas eve, in bed late. Stuffed. Been wrapping christmas presents.

My wife hops into bed and snuggles up and starts caressing my penis. I know she is tired. I start to run my hands over herbottom and I realise she has a pad on. She tells me her period has arived.

I say sorry I had not realised. She normally does not do sex with her period which is OK by me. She says keep going. So I keep going. I ask her why she has been giving me so much sex recently and that I had expected that she would want to limit my orgasm because I was less moody and so on. She said this is the 12 orgasms of Christmas. Two to go hers and mine. So I keep caressing. This is amazing. She is having some fun with sex. She tells me to put a plastic bag on. This will contain any mess I make. I do that and resume caressing her.

Then she rolls me onto my front and gets on my back and starts pressing herself against me. Then she lies on me and wraps her and round and grabs my penis and starts to rub it while humping me then I feel her jerk and orgasm. I ask can I cum and she says yes go now so I do.

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  1. Wow. Love the plastic bag. What did she make you do with it? Anything, or just to keep "clean"?