Wednesday, October 17, 2012

musing on this and that

I was thinking as I do about submission and kink.

These are random thoughts in no particular order.

I am I suspect both but are they one and the same.  Is submissive a kink could a man be genuninely submissive

I have a male friend who has in recent times had bouts of depression.  I do not know if he is being treated or just gets down a bit (as I do).  Both our families were on a bit of a day trip recently and we parked in a tricky spot.  Steep, narrow road and a very tight parking spot which required a bit of finesse to get in and out with the help of someone to wave and give advice.  When it came time to go, him and I packed the cars while the women took more photos, looked at the view and so on.  naturally I sexualised it and saw it as being a servant.  No idea what he did.  But then his wife came over and said "He's not driving I don't trust him".  Wow I felt for him.  To me a huge kick in the guts.  No wonder he gets down.  To me being submissive is strength but I suspect he is just beaten down verbally.

I wonder how much is driven by sexual drive. 

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