Thursday, October 18, 2012

Plastic pants

Just as I begin to dispair that she is not interested in sex or in me then she will suddenly do something for me.

She knows that I am turned on by plastic.
I knows she hates plastic.  Any mention of it and guaranteed thats the end of any sexual play or possibilites.

A mexican stand off.  (Why is it called Mexican I wonder).

This morning I got out of the shower, towled off and walked into our bed room.  She met me at the door and said "I would like you to wear plastic pants today".  There on the bed I could see my plastic pants that have sat in the bottom of the bottom draw.  Un mentioned for months. 

So now I am at work.
Wearing plastic pants.  Feeling the plastic against my skin.  I know its weird, kinky , strange whatever.  But hey.
And I am thinking of her.

Thinking of her positively.  Not bemoaning my fate or sulking over her apparant diinterest in sex or me ....

But I do wonder why there are those few ladies who do seem to have self motivated interest in things sexual.  Who do make the effort to engage sexually with their husbands.
Who tease them
Train them
and I suspect in the end both are happy.
Husbands get attention.
Wives get served.

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