Wednesday, October 3, 2012


The relationship has stabilised.  She seems more responsive and I am staying away from kinky topics.

Mind you my mind keeps yearning for her overt control.
A challenge.
I would love her to put me on a strict diet.
To force me to exercise
To whip me
To deny orgasm.

What I do not want is to be alone, ignored, no feed back and so on.

I do want sex.  Hot sex.  Exciting sex.  To me denying orgasm is not denying or avoiding sex.  It is a super tease.

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  1. I looked at your archive, and I see this has been going on for two years. I can see from some of your posts that you realize you are trying to change your wife's behavior so that it pleases your submissive tendencies. (topping from the bottom)

    Perhaps your wife is not overtly dominate. She does not feed off your open submission, meaning commanding you and forcing you to do things does not turn her on. Her view may be it is frustrating to have to tell you to do those things that you know she wants.

    It may be a bigger turn on for her if you are able to pick up on her hints and please her. It shows you pay attention to her and shows her that you are dedicated and care.

    If your goal is to please her, it sounds like maybe you need to take some time to listen and figure out what she wants - which she probably won't tell you directly - you will have to play her game and figure it out. She may be playing with your mind.

    Best of luck