Tuesday, October 16, 2012


After a surprising weekend of sex, Monday was simple and pleasant.

In the bathroom on Monday morning and I see my wife putting a pad in her panties.  Ah that time of the month.  That explains why we had sex on the weekend.  Historically she seems to get turned on more just before her period.  I suspect that we could build a rythm in our lives where there would be no sex and no pressure to have or engage in sex for three weeks and then sometime in the days before her period then she might get excited and turned on.

One of her objections to chastity of me is that she feels then that there is an obligation on her to have sex and for her to reach orgasm.  So we would still I think have to deal with that.  There has to be a way.

Anyway, Monday seemed to just flow.  Got home in the evening.  Everone seemed in the groove.  Wife went out for a while.  a couple of friends (F) dropped in to borrow some things and chatted while they were here.  I made them tea.  It was kind of fun to wait on them. 

I saw an interesting posting here
A couple of points got my attention.

Firstly this statement
a lot of woman I grew up hearing, "nice girls don't do that", and "oh.. honey, you can't tell a man what to do, he'll resent it." And of course there is an overwhelming amount of tv, literature and what-have-you that shows women to be either submissive to their man, or manipulating him to get what she wants.

As I guy, I would feel anoyed, resentful at being manipulated.  I would and I suspect many guys (forget even the idea of sub males for now) would when asked by a woman, who pretty much anything.  Manipulation would not be required.  certainly for me.  If a woman asked me straight out to do something, unless it was grossly illegal or compromised my relationship with my wife & family, I would do it enthusiastically and to the best of my ability.  So I wonder why women have developed this idea of manipulating men when I suspect that men being what they are that the direct approach woul yield results quicker and better.  For starters, I suspect that men just don't get hints so they are for more likely to get it right if given clear and specific directions.

and this statement
During our FLR break we were both miserable. My Knight was depressed. He felt like I no longer wanted him around at all

I often feel like my wife is lazy when it comes to our relationship.  Her lack of perceived effort translates in my mind to she does not love me, she cant be bothered and so on.  I suspect that she just does not understand but I do not know how to communicate that to her.  For me expending effort and and energy on my kink has been a part of me for like forever.  But as she is in no way kinky and not overtly sexual I suspect that she just can not relate to that idea.  It's just not front of her brain stuff.

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