Monday, October 15, 2012

Some great sex

We had sex on the weekend.

In hindsight a great weekend of intimacy.

Saturday Night -
In bed and was wearing her short denim dress that I find very sexy.  I was turned on gently rubbed her bottom and so on.  Started slow and gently and got the feeling she was enjoying it.  It progressed and she suggested I unbutton her dress.  This was a good sign.  Her bra still on under it.  Usually she just takes everything off and puts on her nighties.  This was so much more fun.  I gradually worked my fingers toward her clitterous.  It is a difficult thing in a way because I am not sure how fast to go.  Take too long and she seems to cool off and too fast and she does not warm up and I suspect feels rushed.  I would like more verbal feedback and direction from her - touch here, pat there and so on.

However I know that at the times when she does spend time working on me, I want her to do things not ask me and I suspect she also feels like she does not want to tell me what to do but wants me to make the effort.  Somehow we have to find a way to communicate without it feeling like .... At one stage I asked if she would like me to lick her or words to that effect.  But she did not ask and I did not go there.

She came and really seemed to enjoy it.  Then unfortunately I went limp.  I was as hard as while we here stimulating her then she was offerring me sex and I could not perform.  Somewhat depressing in a way.

Sunday morning-
By this time she was naked and when we awoke in the morning she was till naked.  Very sexy and possibly there is more to come.  I gently put my hand on her bottom which these days seems to be the way to start.  At one stage I asked if she would like me to lick her.  She respoded that she had thought I might have done that last night.  I figured she was open to the experience but that she was not going to ask and that she would like me to be proactive.  The dilemah is timing. Too soon as in she needs to be partially turned on or t will be a sure fire way to switch her right off.  The moring air was a bit cool and she had the sheets pulled up over her with just her head sticking out.  Not conducive to getting between her legs.  I suggested that perhaps she would like to put her nightie on so I could take the sheets down.  She said "how about one of your tee shirts"  This was sounding good (I don't know why - perhaps because it was a bit unusual).    I get her a tee shirt and she puts it on and then I pull the sheets back down and start on her legs.  Kissing touching starting at her feet  Trying hard to take it slow.  Finally I get down between her legs and start and she is getting really excited and I am licking and putting my hands up under the tee shirt and touching her breasts.  She starts too to touch her breast and my hand.  She makes comment about how this feeling could go on forever.  I say say between toungefuls yes yes it is such a good feeling.  She says would I like her to cum and I say yes enjoy.  She makes lots of positive comments and jerks and jerks and has what seems to me to be the most animated orgasm she has had in ages.

Great I am thinking.  Two good experiences of sex in 12 hrs.

She lies there and so do I.  I am thinking she has cum twice and me none and I have had the best time.  Then she says "time for you".  I actually am hard but the tension the foreplay is so good I actually would like to keep that feeling.  I say maybe we should have you on top and you might cum again.  She says "we'll see".   I get on top and gently start to push in.  I am pushing in and out and I am getting ver close.  She says "not yet".  Those words almost send me over the edge.  I lie still and compose myself.  We roll over and she starts to move.  She says she wants us to cum together but I seem to have lost it.  She keeps going and encourages me but she cums and I don't.  Then she says roll over (me on top).  She says stop thinking and go for it.  So I do.  I cum and it was good.  But now its over.

But a very nice way to start the say.
It's off to church, kids stuff and so on.

In the evening we go out for dinner (leave kids with baby sitter).  Very relaxed

Sunday night -
My hands were dry from some physical labour I had been doing and I asked her if she knew where the moisturising cream was.  Turned out we had an almost empty pump bottle in the bathroom.  I uncrewed the mechanism and shook some out.  Ended up with a blob.  Far more than I needed.  As I walked back into the bed room rubbing my hands together with far too much mosituriser I asked if she needed me to smooth her skin anywhere.  She kicked back the sheet and presented her feet and said just work your way up.  So I had a nice sub mindspace time as I lay there massaging mosituring cream into her feet and also up her legs.  Very sexy.

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