Wednesday, October 31, 2012

plastic pants

Got into bed.  Hinted at sex.  She said she did not want to do sex because her marina (IUD) is overdue for replacement.

comment: Kind of disapoints me what little priority she gives to things sexual.

She said "put on some plastic pants"

Comment: well that was a pick up.

So I put on plastic pants with a drop of baby oil and then my pj pants and hopped back into bed.  Naturally I was very very turned on and she rubbed me and that was good.  I asked if I would be allowed to cum and she said "maybe".  I love it.  Then she asked "what would I do if the positions were reversed".  I actually don't like that.  Makes me feel uncomfortable and it makes me feel disapointed that she needs to hear it again or something.

So I figured I would say what I wanted to her.  I said "Well I would tease by rubbing gently but not allow me to cum"  I included a statement along the lines of how good the tease was and how much more attentive I was when I needed to cum. 

Somewhere along the line I asked her to cane me.  She was not really interested but eventually she agreed and I went and got the cane and she did some half hearted whacks.  She was not enjoying it.

Gave up.

She rubbed me some more and said I could cum.  I did.  That was the end of it.

I ended up feeling a bit down.  Frustrated that she just does not get into things sexual.  She has no understanding of kink.  It seems nothing turns her on.

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