Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fathers Day

This Sunday is Fathers Day.  Here in Australia anyway.

Now one might believe that Fathers Day means a day when dads get to choose but we know and have been conditioned to understand that Fathers Day means being totally available to be organised &  entertained by the wife and kids.  The important thing to realise that it is completely out of the fathers control.  He must come and go when called and directed.

In a femdom / wife lead environment it is an opportunity to shine.  To accept direction.  To accept that there is no such thing is my will or my time. 

I fantasise that Fathers Day would start with me waking early to put in extra effort on a list of tasks allocated by my wife.  Followed by making breakfast for the family.  Then taking them to whatever activities that they want to do with their father and lets face it kids love to do things with Dad.  Whether it be throwing a ball or reading.  The kids want it and I like doing things with them.  As the day draws to a close the kids are tucked into bed.  Stories read and prayers said. 

Then it is evening.  Just the wife and I.  As its fathers day, it is a day for extra effort.  An extra reminder of who is in charge.  Perhaps a whipping to remind me.  Something physical as I am a touchy feeling person and touch is my love language.  It would get the adrenalin going and help me overcome the weariness.  The more and harder she whipped the more I know she loves me.  In a way it really is a replacement for orgasm.  It is a love hate thing.  Both an expression of her love and reminder for failings on my part.  The fact that she takes the time and makes the effort.  Such love. 

Then onto the clean-up tasks.  Those mundane tasks that have to be done.  Dishes and kitchen.  She would sexualise it by supervising in a sexy outfit and  inspecting the result.  Perhaps a riding crop in her hands.  Perhaps she would sit and read a book.  Anyway Fathers day a day where fathers put in an extra effort.

Finally the tasks are almost complete.  The glass of water is beside her bed.  The bed is turned back.

We hug and kiss and perhaps there is some sexual tease.  A bit of touching and tease.  I am eager to help and she reaches orgasm.  I am satisfied I have supported her and worked hard for the family.  We hug and drift off to sleep. It has been a long hard day and I have come through.

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  1. I just experienced my first fathers day as a father last June her in the US, and its funny, as a submissive husband, I actually approached it very similar to how you describe. Happy Early Fathers Day, and I hope you and your family enjoy!