Thursday, August 22, 2013


A difficulty I have is that I tend to feel more motivated to post when I am feeling down.  Blowing off steam whatever.  So this blog is possibly disproportionately negative.

I wonder whether it is somehow a selfish thing - I don't get what I want.

Right  now I am feeling great.  But there is no sub thing going on.  At home its pretty much business as usual.

maybe I should philosophise....

I saw a fellow with a personal trainer this morning.  In the local park the council have installed various bars and steps and so on for the public to use for exercise.  Here was this big middle ages fellow.  By big I mean tall, solid.  Not fat but big.  he was sweating as he stepped up and down from a step and each time he stepped up he lifted his hands high in the air with a small dumb bell weight in each.  Boy was he sweating.  And standing near was a woman.  younger than him  Pony tail.  Sleeveless quilted jacket top.  Arms crossed across her chest.  Directing, supervising.  Being paid to make him work and work hard.
  Don't you love it.

I have a personal trainer too but he is a he.

I sometimes dream that it would be interesting to have a young female.  A bonus would be if she held a cane or switch thing like they use on horses with the little leather bit on the end. 

It could be win win win. 
I would work harder -> win  (get fitter, stronger, healthier)
I would get a smack from time to time from a beautiful girl -> win too.
In a way bizarre that not getting hit would be a motivator but there would be some titillation associated with being hit.  Probably not at the actual time but knowing it could happen and later basking in the memory of the pain.
And for the right girl, hopefully she would get a turn on associated with directing, encouraging, enforcing and hitting me.

ah but I fear only in my dreams.


  1. Reminds of the time I ran naked on the treadmill at home while my wife "encouraged" me with a riding crop on various parts of my body. I was sweating from more than the running.
    Would love to make that my exercise routine.

  2. I never thought of a personal trainer this way, but now I want to go get one, a young, confident, female. Definitely some thought to that dynamic!