Friday, August 23, 2013

The nice pain

Wow how things change.

Last night I decided to wear plastic pants to bed under my pjs.  A little baby oil in them to make them nice and slippery.

She is engaged.  We kiss and touch.  She puts her hands under my pj top and squeezes my nipple. A lot.  It hurt.  Then she did the other one.  One thing is nice that when she does one she always does the other.  Puts me in a sub head space.

I lay humping the mattress sounds so yuk when I say it like that.  She alternated between running her hands across and between my legs, feeling the plastic pants and putting her hands up my pj top and pinching my nipples.  It hurt. I asked if I was allowed to cum and she said yes.   I was fighting between the pain giving me a turn on and at the same time it seemed harder to cum.  Then I exploded.  Ahh so   relaxing.

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