Wednesday, January 25, 2012


After an initial resergance of enthusiasm, we seemed to have drifted back to the same old same old.  With her appearing to have zero labido and me feeling ignored.

A while back we both read a book called the five love languages.  The jist of that book is that different things are perceived by different people to communicate love.  Pretty obviously my love language is physical touch and also quality time - So spending time giving me a good hard whipping would communicate love.  My wife's love language is "acts of service" so she perceives doing something as communicating love.  Now that meshes in nicely with me being submissive because I can do the dishes, clean up, go to the shops and each of those acts should be interpreted as communicating love.

So I suggested that we simply do a sort of reconcilliation and talk about what acts we had tried to communicate and see whether they had been perceived as having comminicated that.  So if I am doing things that communicate love then I need feed back so that I know I am doing the right things.  Likewise it appears she needs feedback to affirm what she is doing because it appears that she feels that no matter what she does for me physically  that it is never enough.

So then that was all good.  Just a discussion and somewhere along the lines she kissed me hard.

Then she spent the entire evening in her office.
I washed up and did some other chores.

Then pay dirt.
She comes to bed and says "take your pants off" and handed me the lube.
I slip into her and immediatly she rolls me over.
She moves and moves and I was worried that she was trying too hard and that, given past experience, she may not cum.  None the less finally she cums.  Lies on top of me.  so nice.

Not long after this is repeated.
I ask "will I be allowed to cum tonight"  I am desparate but also this is a win win situation.  If I cum it is good if I am told to hold off that is good too.
She says "maybe maybe not"

Works her self up again and cums.  Thats three times in quick succession.  I am amazed, excited, hot.

After a longer rest, she started again.  I am still on my back and hard as.
Then she says.  "cum cum now"
This took me by surprise and I had been resisting cuming so I had to get it going quick and that was nit hard because it had been in waves.  As I rose on a wave I would have to really hold back and then it would be easier for a while.  The next wave and I came as instructed and so did she.

She then relaxed back on top.
Then rolled off.
I wiped myself clean.
Gave her the nappy to wipe herself.

We both fell asleep.

So I am thinking do I broach the subject of being made to hold off longer and longer.

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