Thursday, January 26, 2012


Snugging up to the beautiful wife and I asked if I could 'put on a plastic bag'.  This means put some lube in a plastic bag and put it over my penis and basically cum in it with some help from her.

Should not have asked.
She said yes.  Naively I was hoping she would say no.

So now I feel a little down.  A bit ho hum.


  1. I think you need to start looking at this from your wife's point-of-view.

    I suspect that she loves you, she wants to please you, but she is not naturally dominant (and it is too much work to pretend to be dominant) and she is not interested enough in kink to be able to understand the complex often contradictory desires of a submissive man.

    Her saying yes to the plastic bag was her trying to please you. Yet she may have picked up on your disappointment, and if she did she would be thinking that it is impossible for her to do right by you.

    You feel bad. She feels bad.

    Rather than trying to change your wife, I think you need to think about changing you.

    Rather than keep trying to get your wife to dominate you, try to find ways where you feel under her power without her having to dominate you.

    And don't ask for things you don't want and then blame her when you she says yes.

    1. Hi Michael,

      I agree with everything you said. Esp, don't ask for things you don't want.

  2. It's the double edged sword. You obviously wanted a release but then feel guilty afterward. I admit, I have had the same feelings. I just rely on the fact that my wife does not do anything she dosen't want to. Perhaps your wife wanted you to have a release. When I have prolonged periods between releases I tend to act more and more "girly". While she enjoys denying me and teasing me. At a certain point she has had enough and allows me to release. I agree withthe prior post regarding don't ask for things you don't want.

  3. I agree two edge sword. Yes I desparately wanted release but also enjoy the tease.

    I do not know about the acting more girly but my wife does like us to cum together.

  4. My wife does like us to cum together. For the past two years we have used the honor system for chastity. We have also discussed the cuckold lifestyle. She seems to be open to it but I have no need to rush. If I have learned one thing it's that I should never push for anything!!

    May I ask... Are you a cuckold or do you practice chastity?

    1. My wife would be agast at the cuckloid idea. I wonder if she even knows the word. I think she started from a position that it was the wife's duty to have sex with me and that I should cum.

      I think she is finding that if I only have sex with her (no masturbation) and only cum occasionally that it is more enjoyable for both of us. I think it is kind of new for her that I can enjoy sex without cumming. I think it is also new for her that she does not have to treat it as a duty so to speak. That we can have fun with teasing and so on.

      So it's an honor thing although every now and then she will remind me to hold off or ask me how I am doing. Which is fun for me.