Sunday, January 29, 2012

the best sex

Sat night
The kids are sleeping over at a friends place.

She comes to bed early and we cuddle.
Then she takes off her pjs and lies on her front.
and tells me to put one hand in from the front and to touch her clit.
She's moving and this is good.

We play stroking and touching for ages.

Then she sits on a chair at the footof the bed and spreads her legs and touches herself and I am looking right up between her legs.
She smiles at me and says "you like to watch don't you"
She askes if I would like to toch myself and I nodd eagerly and say yes.
She says go on but don't cum.

She asks would I like to lick her.
I'm keen so I say "yes".
I am still lying on my back.
She climbs on to the bed and is on her knees down at my feet.  Then she walks on ker knees with her legs straddling me right up until she is above my face.
She lowers herself down and I lick.
She still has one hand down there but then she takes both her hands and touches her breasts.
Then she tells me to reach up and touch her breasts too.
Then she cums
And when she is finished she lies on top of me and we cuddle.


Then she starts to get interested again and lies on her back and says she wants me to come in from on top.
I say that I am worried that I might cum if I am on top.
She says go put on some condoms so I go and put on two.
Then I come back and we start kissing again and she says "fuck me".
She never and I mean never ever swears so this is just amazing.
I start to push in and she says just the head.
My god what a tease.  Then she says go put some lube on it.
I do that and we start again then she says push it in "fuck me"  Do it hard.
I am thrusting in and out hard.
This is the most animated our sex has been for years.
She says don't you cum now.
I back off slightly but keep going.

Then she rolls me over and now I am on my back and she is moving on top.
Then she cums again.
She lies on me for a while and then she starts to tighten herself on my penis.
I just love that feeling.

Then again she starts to move
Then she cums again.

Then she says "OK that's it for tonight"
She gets two nappys from the bedside draw.  Gives one to me and wipes herself with the other.
Mate I am so turned on.  So hard.  So excited.
She hugs me and we fall asleep.  (stuffed too)

Morning comes and I am awake and turned on.
I dare not touch her because I do not want to wake her.

I get up and go for a run.  Then do some weights.
It's still early and she is still asleep.
I shower and shave and then get quietly back into bed.

After a time, she wakes and gets up and goes to the toilet, has a drink and gets back into bed.
Then she starts to stroke me.
Then she teases me.
She says "Will you or won't you get to cum I wonder".
Man I am excited.  She has never been this into it before.

Then she says lube up and put it inside me.
I am on top and I push gently in.
Then she says roll over and we do.
Then she moves and moves and cums again.

Then after only a half a minute I can feel her tightening on my penis.
She says roll over .
So now I am on top.
She says "fuck me hard again and this time cum inside me"
I am a bit worried about this as I would like her to be on top but also I am mega turned on and so I just get into in and it's not long.
I explode inside her and she cums too.

We both relax.  I am on top and try not to be too heavy on her.
Then we clean up.
Dress and
Go out together for breakfast. 


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