Sunday, January 22, 2012

he's hopeless

I was a part of a conversation where a woman said about her husband "he's hopeless".

Now this fellow is in my view very with it and competent.  He is a person who I go to for advice and help on all sorts of things - Car maintenance & home maintenance in particular.

It got me thinking.
Firstly some time in the past she presumably thought he was pretty good.  Even close to perfect.  After all she married him didn't she.
Secondly from my perspective and I think many others, he is very competent. 

So I wonder why the wife has developed this attitude that "he's hopeless"

And it seems to me that this is not all that uncommon. 
Is it and
why.  What happens in women that causes this change of view.

Now in view of my interest in submission,
I do not wish my wife to see me as weak, ineffectual, or "hopeless".
I would like her to think that I am strong, organised, competent, loving, devoted and obedient.
So that she is confident to ask me to do something knowing it will be done, done to completion and done right.

Continuing this change of view thing, my wife went from loving, showing love, to disinterest in me.  Or at least I felt that she was neglecting me.  Perhaps I changed and did not realise it.

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  1. You really need to learn some "game" my good man.
    If your woman thinks you are weak and she can push you around, she will lose interest. Believe it or not it's possible to be subby sometimes in the bedroom but have her retain respect for you.
    For one, don't apologize for everything, let alone being yourself. And that includes your submissive parts. Worse case is she actually can't handle that part of you, but its still part of you and you do not need to be ashamed.

    In any case, I recommend this:
    It's not a pay site and has lots of good free advice. You could look the guy up on the net.